Picnic Fayre stocks over 30 different cheeses. we hope to have something for everyone. Soft or hard, strong or mild, cow, sheep or goats.


The most popular cheese we sell are the local varieties from Mrs Temple and Ferndale Farm. Catherin Temples farm is situated down the coast inland slightly in the village of Wighton. Using her own cows milk from surrounding fields the whole process is traceable from start to finish. Of her vast range we stock; Binham Blue, Walsingham and Wells Alpine.

Ferndale Cheese supply us with Norfolk Tawny and Norfolk Dapple (this is also available as a Smoked variety). The milk used for Ferndale’s chesses is taken from cows that graze the land surrounding the 11th century priory at Binham.

Our other cheeses featured are from France, Italy, Spain, Holland, and Germany.